September 28, 2021

Free fire vs PUBG – Comparison and contrast in terms of Features

Free Fire VS PUBG

Free fire vs PUBG is the biggest battle between the two most popular online mobile games. In 2017, the biggest mobile game, PUBG was introduced. The world went crazy for it. Sooner, a tougher competitor came along and scored a better place in gamers’ hearts. The comparison between two big video games is brutal but it gives insights about which one is the better one. The masterpieces have a huge fan following since both comprise of the same genre and gaming style. However, it is up to the audience to decide which is better and preferable. The discussion will add certain aspects and features of both games and then contrast and compare the two.

Free Fire Vs PUBG: Similar Features

Aside from the competition, Free Fire vs PUBG comparison includes plenty of similarities and differences. Starting with similar features, the genre is the same. Both of the games are open-world war games in which the online gamers join and have gunfights, battles which total strangers.

One feature that makes both of the games exactly alike is its battle royale mode. The mode is quite simple to understand. Multiple players join the game and have fun during the battle. As the number of gamers increases, the masterpieces become extraordinarily fun and adventurous. Total strangers fight off each other and earn equipment in the game.

Another thing which is interesting and common is the games’ communication feature. People talk to each other like in other online games, make strategies and use them to win the game. According to some social media users, some players tend to make friends while playing the game.

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Comparison Between the MasterPieces

People usually look for the comparison between the competitors before choosing the right one for them. Free Fire vs PUBG competition has its debaters. These people always have an eye for the sharpest points that make a game different from its rival. Thus, there are a few things that might help gamers decide which is the better choice in the gaming world.  


If the graphics of both games are observed then PUBG is the ultimate winner because of its HD resolution and graphical settings. Also, its storage size is 1.6 GB, seemingly. Very few games have such high-quality resolution with compressed file size. Also, if the gamers want to play it on a PC, it requires 30 GB storage and a graphic card for installation.

Free Fire on the other hand has slightly fewer good graphics on mobile but also doesn’t require too much space.  It only needs 500 MB on the mobile to provide good resolution to the users and 4GB on computers with a graphic card installed so that the game doesn’t fumble.


Given the popularity of both games, the gamers always wonder which is going to win the Free Fire Vs PUBG competition. Despite that, there are gamers concerned only with the glitches and errors of the games so that they can choose a better one.

Starting with PUBG, the biggest glitch that users have faced so far is its FPS (frames per second) issue. In simple words, the game has a few drawbacks. After a few rounds of matches, it starts to take a rest and the screens look like it is being played on a Pentium 1 computer with only 5kb internet speed. The irritation becomes stronger when it starts to take pause. Thus, the developers need to up their game to enhance the speed of their masterpiece.

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Free Fire wins this round since it is smooth and doesn’t get slow. It has better frames per second to provide a non-stop battle experience.

Multiplayer Mode Issues

Free fire vs PUBG is a never-ending discussion among the gamers. However, the debate over the better features might help players pinpoint their preferences.  

Both games have multiplayer modes. In PUBG, 100 players can join at once and battle each other. The users of PUBG claim that so many players make the game difficult, complicated, and interesting. The big map allows the users to play the PUBG tournament for a long period and enjoy.

Free fire is a lost cause when it comes to a giant battle between a good number of players. It doesn’t allow many people to take part in online sessions. Very few people can join the multiplayer battle. It also has a small map which is a bit annoying for the gamers since they can’t play for much longer. The session ends quickly than expected.

These points might be a start for the gamers to decide which one is better to play.