January 23, 2022

How to boost your Social Media in 2021

Boost Your Social Media

2020 proved out to be a difficult year, especially for small businesses and startups. While some had to close down others had to cut down on costs by laying off their much-needed workforce because they just could not afford to pay them. Running a small business is challenging enough let alone having to operate in such hostile economic conditions. So if you are a small business that cannot afford to hire social media marketing services from some reputed agency, here are some key tips that you may want to look out for to boost your social media presence in 2021. 

Identify where you want to grow

Before you start exhausting your time and efforts across different social platforms it’s important to figure where you would find the majority of your audience and which network is suitable or your business goals. If you are a consumer brand looking to generate more sales by engaging your customer base then you may want to turn to Facebook. But if you are a b2b business then you would have a better shot at building your brand authority and trust at linkedin. 

Invest in video marketing

In case you haven’t noticed, people are spending a whole lot of time watching short video content on their timelines. Let’s face it, video content is a lot more engaging than any other form of content we have today. Beside, all the major social media platforms including Facebook are encouraging the video content over other types. A lot of established and struggling brands have capitalized on this growing trend through viral video content featuring their product. 

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Furthermore, it’s a good idea to go live every once in a while to directly interact with your customers. This would not only help you understand what or where you lack in your product and services but it would also send out a strong message that you actually care about your customers. You may also go live on special sales events to let your online community know you are offering a discount or giving out freebies. 

You don’t necessarily have to invest a fortune in video production equipment to make a short marketing video but it can also be done within limited resources. 

Paid campaigns 

While your organic posts would only give you a limited reach to your target audience, you are going to have to invest in paid campaigns if you are looking to expand your reach and target a greater number of people. At a time when all the major brands are turning to influencer marketing apart from the paid social campaigns, it’s no longer a choice but a question of survival. So don’t be afraid to spend some amount on the paid marketing to achieve your business goals.

Be active The key to success on any social channel is being active and cashing in on the new trends. An empty wall not only reflects badly on your brand image but also makes you miss out on important opportunities. Besides, that’s exactly what a good digital marketing company does, they keep an eye out for the viral trends and then benefit from their momentum.