January 23, 2022

One strategy to rank them all – A universal SEO plan that works for all businesses

One strategy to rank them all – A universal SEO plan that works for all businesses

Do this and your website would be ranked, do that and you would get more traffic, there is countless content available online about how you can improve your website’s SEO and they all focus on different strategies to get it done. The question is, is there a universal SEO strategy that works across the board for different businesses and industries? And the answer is YES, there is. Stick around to find out what strategy you can employ to rank your website on the search engine regardless of what business or services you are offering.

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Truth be told!

Website Structure: 5 Factors That Can Affect SEO - Localika.com - Blogging  Site for Technology, Marketing, Health, Fashion and so on

The problem is, most SEO experts focus on one aspect instead of adopting a more dynamic approach which is what modern SEO is about. So here in this guide we are going to take a look at the key aspects of SEO and what impact they have on your online rankings.

Get your website straight

How to Get Traffic to Your Website (Neil Patel's Ultimate Guide)

Half your SEO problems are solved automatically just by getting your website in line with the search engine guidelines. From Design to content and overall user experience, there are clear guidelines for each of these assets by Google. The whole idea of SEO today is facilitating the users, if you are not doing that, you can’t expect the search engine to treat you right if you are not treating your visitors right. 

From improving your website’s loading speed to serving your visitors with high quality content, user experience is at the center of modern SEO. Here is a quick checklist for you to ensure that your website fulfills the basic SEO criteria;

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How To Speed Up Your Site For SEO | SEO Optimizers

A lot of people believe that loading speed refers to how fast your website loads which is true but that’s not all what loading speed is about. As per the latest search engine guidelines, your website is going to be ranked based on not just how fast it loads but also how quickly it becomes interactive for the user. The longer your site takes to load the greater your bounce rate would be which is perceived as poor user experience by Google.


The complete guide to optimizing content for SEO (with checklist)

Regardless if your business caters to other businesses or you are a consumer based business, the key to better rankings is high quality, non-polarized, informative content. This goes without saying that your content needs to address the user intent. Google rolled out BERT with the sole purpose of ensuring that only intent based content makes it to the top.

Mobile Responsiveness 

Mobile Friendly Test Tool | Mobile Checker for a Responsive Website

Finally, another major ranking factor is mobile responsiveness. Mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop traffic and the trend is only going to grow in the future. So, if your website is not catering to that major portion of the visitors coming on the website from their mobile devices, there is no way you are going to appear in the top search results.